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October 2009 Quinlynn's 1st Birthday January - July 2009
December 2008 Gallery First Weeks Home Gallery  8/14/08 - 11/30/08 Hospital Gallery 8/11/08 - 8/14/08
During Pregnancy Gallery Quinlynn's Room Preparation YouTube Videos *New Vid 6/21*


5/6/10 - Quick Summary:

11/06/09 - Quinlynn has had a molar come in.  That was a fun 1.5 weeks!  New gallery up for some pics taken in October including Halloween.

10/12/09 - Quinlynn has a new trick, walking backwards!  Plus, she has started shaking her head, when she doesn't want to do something.  She is walking and starting to run.  She is getting good at climbing, too! 

8/2/09 - A gallery for Quinlynn's 1st Birthday has been added above.

8/2/09 - Quinlynn has a had a few major milestones recently.  Last week she started taking a few steps and this weekend she had gotten a bunch more comfortable with walking.  Also, she has learned how to drink from a straw this weekend!  We are all excited about her 1st birthday next weekend down at Mom's in Ellenton!  I have gotten my software working again and have added a bunch of new gallery pics!

6/21/09 - Quinlynn is doing great.  She is eating people food like a champ!  Whatever we put in front of her she eats!  She has her moments of standing on her own so walking can't be too far away!  She got to play in her kiddie pool for the first time today.  There is a video up on YouTube of it.

5/30/09 - Quinlynn has her moment of standing on her own now.  She has one tooth on top that has come in with one next to it about it come in.  Last doctor appointment (5/11) she weighed 16 lbs 13 oz.  She has been sleeping great.  She is trying out semi-solid foods.  She like mac and cheese (but who wouldn't). 

4/4/09 - Quinlynn has mastered crawling!  She is pulling herself up to standing by using furniture, too!  Walking can't be far away!  She has also had 2 teeth come through on the bottom.

3/8/09 - She's trying to crawl!  She is almost there!  She is eating like a horse.  She is now on stage 2 foods.  She can sit up on her own and play now.  She has been consistently sleeping through the night which is great for us!  She has her next follow up with the Ortho this week.

2/4/09 - Not a real lot to report.  Quinlynn hasn't been crawling at all but has been standing while holding onto things (the couch, table, etc.).  She may just skip crawling all together and jump straight to walking.  My mom says that is what I did.  She is now able to sit up on her own without any problem.  Some nights she sleeps through most of the night, many she doesn't.  Oh, well, that's kids.

1/4/08 - Quinlynn had her Ortho appointment on Dec 29th.  She is done with the brace!  The doctor wants to see her at 6 months and then at a year just to check up on things.  We are all getting over being sick over the holidays.  Quinlynn got a bad cold and then Beth got it and finally I got it.  Beth has had it the worst though.  Quinlynn has not been sleeping through the night so we are exhausted.

12/1/08 - Next Ortho appointment is Dec 15th.  May be the last (cross fingers). 

10/25/08 - Last week, Bethie and Quinlynn met up with Bethie's mom, aunt, grandmother and grand aunt in Savannah.  There are a couple of pictures from it added to the one gallery.  Even one shot with 4 generations in one picture!

10/14/08 - Last Thursday the ortho decided that Quinlynn only has to wear the harness 12 hours a day now.  She will probably be rid of it in two more weeks.  She has been sleeping through the night since last Thursday, which is a good thing since I am working again.

10/5/08 - Thursday is the next ortho appointment.  There is a possibility Quinlynn might lose the Pavlic harness!  We'll see.  Next Tuesday is her first shots at the pediatrician.  She is sleeping good some nights (6 hrs) and bad others (2.5 hrs at a time).  I start back to work tomorrow.  Beth doesn't start back until the first week of November.  I am going to be exhausted because I am still going to try to help Beth out with the feedings.  I may wind up going to work early some days because if I am up at 5 for a feeding I will just get dressed and go into work.  No use going to sleep for only an hour.

9/18/08 - We had another appointment with Dr. Mazur (the ortho kid doc) and another ultrasound.  He says it is very possible that we may be out of the Pavlic harness at the next appointment in 3 weeks!   He says Quinlynn's hips are coming right into place nicely!  Also, she weighed in at 10 lbs 6 oz!  She is a weed!

9/11/08 - FrontPage galleries were driving me nuts with error messages!  New software is being used now to create galleries.  All galleries have been converted!  Let me know if any issues arise.

8/31/08 - It is time to get a little more organized when it come to pictures.  I am breaking everything up into logical (to me) galleries.  This will allow people to pick which pictures they see full size instead of having to load all of them.  Plus, anyone who just wants to read any updates who doesn't want to wait for pictures to load, this makes their life easier.  It is sometime easy to forget that not everyone is on high speed connections.

8/29/08 3:49pm - Had a doctors appointment with Dr. Mazur the Orthopedist from Nemours.  They did a ultrasound to see how the hips are doing.  He is very happy with the progress and thinks that we may wind up on the shorter timeframe of using the harness.  Also, she weighed in at 9lbs 2oz so she is gaining weight right on track.

8/18/08 4:12pm - 2 Doctors appointments today.  The 1st was with a pediatric orthopedic doctor due to Quinlynn's hips being slightly out of whack from being in the breach position.  She has to wear a brace for 6-12 weeks.  After that she should be fine.  We also had her first visit to the pediatrician. Everything is good including weight.  She is right where she needs to be on weight and length.

8/15/08 11:12pm - Sleep is overrated!  Who needs it!  Quinlynn didn't sleep much last night but is sleeping well this morning.  Couple new pictures added below.  I am working on a better formatted gallery page so hopefully that will be up later today.  Also, DC (our dog) is doing great with the kid!  He sniffs her and follows whomever is carrying her from room to room!

8/14/08 10:50pm - We all came home today.  I am currently typing one handed, Quinlynn is occupying the other arm.  My Mom (Louise) arrived today.  We may be up to returning some phone calls tomorrow. 

8/12/08 10:50pm - 3 new pictures at the bottom!

8/12/08 12:05pm - Everything is progressing well!  Bethie is happy to be eating a solid lunch!  We got a little sleep last night by sending the baby to the nursery for a while.  Beth is now out of bed and able to walk around as well as sit in a chair.  She is no longer tied to any drip, machines or measuring things.  They are currently saying we'll be going home on Thursday.  The pediatrician wants us to have the orthopedic pediatric doctor from Nemours to check her out due to her hips being a little out of whack from the breach position she was in.  It is not uncommon so no worries.

8/11/08 8:23pm - Everything went fine!  We now have a 8 lb, 18.75 inch baby girl born at 12:55 pm!  Mom and baby are doing fine!

8/10/08 6:56pm - Everything is on schedule.  Call hospital at 9, show up at 10 for pre-op, c-section at 12:30pm.  Car is loaded, car seat is in, and a full tank of gas.

8/9/08 6:15pm - I have removed most of the content from this page to make it easier and quicker for people to check on updates for Beth and the baby.  Good news!  The maternity ward has internet!  I will have my laptop to upload pictures and update the website!



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