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Jason Martin

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Cow! Hagrid!

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Snarf! Dog Corleone!

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Here is my jokes page! It is a bunch of jokes and such.

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Things I think are cool!


Nightwish: A Finnish symphonic power metal quintet.  I liked their original singer, Tarja, but I REALLY like the new singer, Anette!  I love the combination of metal, choirs and symphonies!








Disturbed: A great heavy metal band!  Metal with a tune, imagine that!








Trans-Siberian Orchestra:  A rock orchestra that does awesome Christmas arrangements and some non-holiday stuff, too.  One of the founders is the founder of the group Savatage.  Just picture orchestra, Broadway style vocalists and heavy guitars.






Me and Beth's favorite music group.  We went down to Orlando in May of 2001 to see them in concert at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney.  The concert was awesome.   Loud, but awesome!  We both had a great time.  We didn't get home until 3a.m.  Beth had to be up at 7 for work.  They are not your typical heavy metal.  Much of their stuff has a lot of piano in it, layered vocals, vocal counterpoint, and for some songs they use classical themes.  They also have a side project they work on called Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  At the side group they have done three Christmas albums and one non-Christmas.  TSO is currently saying there next non Christmas album is coming out in the spring of '07.  Savatage is dead in the water due to TSO work and the band members wanting to eat on a regular basis. 

The Clarks:  A great band that I have taken a huge liking to and so has Beth.  Check 'em out!


O.A.R: Of A Revolution: Great band with interesting influences from everywhere.








Other Stuff:

THE NEAL BOORTZ SHOW America's Rude Awakening.-Libertarian talk show host I listen to while at work.  Has many good points about the current political situation.  Liberals are starting to scare me!  Republicans don't make me feel any better! 

Dave Barry: Humor columnist that I enjoy reading.  Read a couple of his pieces.  He also wrote a good one for Sept. 11 (non humorous). 

Committed: It is my new favorite comic strip!  Check it out, I think it is hilarious!!!

Dilbert link iconDilbert!!!!!  Need I say more!!!


The Arlo and Janis Website.





"I am the way, I am the light

I am the dark inside the night

I hear you hopes, I feel your dreams

And in the dark I hear your screams

Don't turn away, just take my hand

When you make your final stand

I'll be right there, I'll never leave

All I ask of you is Believe"

Believe from the Savatage album, Streets: A Rock Opera


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